Monday, 2 February 2009


This is my minibook that i taught at retreat the girls really injoyed doing it.

This is one of the layouts i did at the retreat and finished at home this is me with my christmas gift from my friend a zoobaloo cartridge.

This is my DD on christmas day just woke up and i had the camera on her while she was opening her prezzys, but she decided to hide in the gift bag, but that did'nt stop the camera clicking.

This is another layout i did on my retreat me and my darling husband.

This is a layout my friend taught on retreat so i decided to take part as well.

This is another layout i started on retreat but never got to finish untill i got home, this is my DD and her best friend lucy on their way to a wedding.

This is a class i taught on retreat it was an easy class but a lot of cutting out of the vines.


Sunday, 1 February 2009


At the end of jan my friend and i did a retreat just for a small group of people and we all had a great time here are some photos of some of the girls who joined us.

This is our scrapping room all ready for the girls and it did'nt look like this when they finished.


Christmas party.

Here i am again behind with my blog but better late than never.
Her are some photo's of my friends and i dressed up as mrs santa's at our yoga party we had great fun.

Went to a christmas