Friday, 31 October 2008


Cold frosty friday morning to cold to go out but today is yoga day i am off to yoga this morning because i suffer with back problems i go to yoga it does help but sometimes it make's it worse.
DD is going out tonight dressed up as a cat we made her outfit yesterday it does look good.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cottage at wisemans bridge

My friend penny and i were on a visit to see my friend elaine at wisemans bridge pembrokeshire
where she has just bought a bungalow and is still doing it up, what elaine and her husband has done is very nice.
We will be holding our first retreat there and we are very excited.
But as you can see from the photo below penny and i were taking photo's on the beach and one bird caught our attension so we walked upto it in water upto our ankles when penny tripped but saved herself on a rock full of barnicles caught her camera that was inch's from the water and the photo tell the rest of the story.

Poor penny had lots of antibiotics and it took ages to heal.

This is the view feet away from the lovely cottage.

This is my friend elaine and myself

some of my fav layouts

These are a few lo's that i have done a while ago so i thought it would be nice to put them on my blog for all to see.
This one was a challange i did for the cyber crop and i remember my friend penny and i were doing lo's when we were staying at a hotel, and the cricut was going there was banging and punching god knows what the people outside passing the room was thinking LOL.
This is a class i took when i was at a crop in swansea i love the pinks and i like the photo of me that my friend penny took on our holidays this year.

This is a lo i did such a long time ago i cut out all them flowers that i love to do and the little baby is my DD and the big fluffy dog is muttley but he is sadly gone.

This photo was taken in south africa (NO I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE) one of my friends live there and took this photo as they run an animal reserve, and she kindly give it to me as i love elephants.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Monday mornings.

Today my Dh and i have taken all our fish from our tank to the local fish shop and we are going to get some new fish to put in our 4 foot x 2 foot fish tank don't know what yet but at the moment it is lifeless.
I have allso been designing a lo for a class i will be teaching at my christmas crop which has turned out better than i thought it was going to.

Saturday, 25 October 2008


DD will be home from uni on wednesday i am so looking forward to seeing her i realy miss her when she is in uni.
This is here pulling one of her silly faces, Some of my friends say she looks like laura from x-factor not sure about that.
Votes on a post card please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday 25th oct.
DD has phoned today saying she has more slugs in her room,where are they coming from she phoned the guy yesterday to say they were back and he said he was on his way around and to watch where they were coming and going to, but my DD had to get ready for uni and had to go into the bathroom so whan she got back from getting ready they were gone so when the guy came around he picked up the carpet in DD room to find it had been layed ontop of a wooden floor but the wood is rotten, there was nothing he could do about the floor but he sealed all the holes again and said if DD see any more that he would come back.

The cooker
The cooker part arrived and the guy fixed it so that is all working now thank god one less think to worry about.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


September 2008 my daughter started her second year of uni and she was moving into a house with the five girls she met last year.
The story starts when we decided to go to the house a week before she was due to move in and what a mess it was.
No one had been in to clean after the last students, we found SLUGS in the fridge the place was so dirty, we cleaned the kitchen as best we could and cleaned my DD bedroom with bleach it was ok after we did all that but there was a smell it was damp and it stunk nothing we could do to get rid of it,so we sprayed the room with smelly's but that did not work,
so we left but we had to return the following week.
The following week,
All was going great my husband and i moved her in and sorted out her room putting clothes away and hanging photos,curtains and sorting through her kitchen stuff.
3 weeks later there are still SLUGS coming into her room the light has broken,the toilet is broken and their is something wrong with the cooker.
My DD phoned the estate agent who are looking after the house and told them what was wrong , and they said claim on your household insurance.
My DD phoned me and told me what they had said and she was on her way down there to complain, when she got to the estate agent she spoke to them nicely but they were telling her that they could do nothing so she started shouted and screamed, then said i am going to see a solicitor as she got back home to tell the other girls what had happened there was a knock on the door they had sent someone around to sort out the problems.
The guy filled in all the holes in DD bedroom and fixed the toilet and light but said he can't fix the cooker that someone else was coming to do that.
Half hour had passed then someone else had come to sort out the cooker but he needs to order a part (i will keep you upto date on the fixing of the cooker)
There are still SLUGS coming into DD bedroom but she don't know where they are coming from but you can see SLUG trails on the carpet.
Will keep you upto date with the slugs.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


My team on uks which is READY STADY SCRAP are seting the weekly challange.
This is my take on the challange

The theme is you have to use autumn colours, 10 of something, a photo that had been taken outside and the sketch provided.
I used these photos of my DD portia on holidays in cuba
Orange cs and a bit of left over green flower paper, 10 sparkles, and the sketch.
And i had great fun in doing this challange.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

DD on holidays in cuba.

In the middle of september my daughter and her friend lucy went to cuba for their holidays,
They had a fab time but while they were there they were in the middle of 4 hurricanes i was so worried i kept texting her to find out if they were ok and what was going on but she said she was safe but i still worried, like mothers do.
While she was there they went out on lots of trips and one of them was swimming with dolphins in the sea i would of loved to be her just to be able to swim with dolphins i love them.
So here are just a few photos of their hols.

My DD holding a baby croc.
Here she is with a swan made by the maid out of the blankets and they came every day and did these with the blankets and towels in the bathroom.
This is outside the room where they stayed.

This is in havanna where she watched the men make cigars and she bought a packet for her uni male friends.
Here they are just got ready for a night out drinking and dancing.


Now i have sorted out my password i thought it would be a good idea to keep my blog upto date with all that is going on so here are a few photo's of me and my mate on holidays in spain having a fab time sorry penny for your photo being sideways not sure how to change it or remove it.

Monday, 20 October 2008


At the begining of the month i went on a retreat to chester with my best mate and these are a few lo's i did while i was there, this one was a challange and i won first prize i was so pleased as i don't usually win anything.

This lo was to use the sketch and whatever pp and cs you wanted.
This was another lo i did and it went up as the best lo i did at the retreat.
This was one of the classes i took at the retreat not to sure about this one because it is not like my usuall work, but i love the photo.


Hiya to everyone, sorry not updated my blog but i forgot the pasword and the computer would not let me have a new one, but i have done it don't know what i did but i did it and i am back........