Monday, 24 November 2008


On saturday i went to visit my mum and my neice was there with her two children i have not seen them for ages elli was just a baby when i last saw her and she is 4 now and ruby is 6 weeks old luckly i had my camera with me so i took a few photos.
Rhian,elli-may and ruby -marie

me,rhian my neice her two daughters elli -may and ruby-marie

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

These are a few layouts i taught at a crop on 8th november

This is a layout i did at a crop it was a challange you had to do a photo of yourself so here i am with my best friend dougal !!!!!!!!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Chalange and class lo

This is a chalange that i did at a crop i go to you had to use some realy nasty paper the sort that come's free out of the scrapbooking mags you buy well this was my lo.
This was a class i taught at my crop in September the photo is of my nephew and he realy is cute.


Here is the advent calender that i made yesterday for my DD i decided to do it in pinks and blacks because her bedroom is pink and black and she will be able to use it when she has eaten all the goodies out of the boxes.
I used 24 match boxes,paint, mount board, ribbon,one 12x12 pp, brads and some shapes to decorate the outside.
All that is left is to put something into the boxes but i am not doing that yet because she will start eating them.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The slugs

The slugs are here again portia has gone back home to fine slugs have been staying in her room while she has been away.LOl
Don't know what to do about them any idears please let us know.


For the past week my daughter has been home for a visit from uni eating us out of house and home.
Last year when she moved out i changed her bedroom into my craft room her bed is still in there so she can come home to sleep but then i can't get in there to do any scrapbooking invasion of my space so on monday she went back i loved having her home but i was glad to see her go back to uni as well.
This is her at roath park.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Saturday busy day.

Yesterday i went to visit my mum it took me from 8 o'clock untill 10.45 to get there then at 12.15 i left to visit my friend and i got there at 1.15 well she picked me up at that time then there was another journey to her house.