Monday, 22 December 2008


I wanted to put up the christmas tree before my daughter came home from uni fro christmas so
here is our new christmas tree my husband and i had fun putting the decorations on the tree here i am with my new earrings.

These lights got on my pip we had 5 sets and do you thing any of them worked?
My husband fixed them and got two sets going so off went the main lights and on went the christmas light lovely.



Here we are my friend and i at thornhill farm with the lovely animals, ew went to see the deers but it was not very good as they were laying down in the corner and we could not get a very good photo of them, well this is the best we could do.

Who you looking at did i say you could take my photo that will cost you.

This is the best photo we could get of the deers they were a bit tired because just before we got there a group of school children were there singing carols.


Wednesday, 3 December 2008


On tuesday my friend took me out for the day we went to see the raindeers at thornhill farm shop they were in the barn along with some pigs, sheep,donkeys,chickens,ducks and nanny goats we took some photos then went and had a jacket potato and a nice cup of tea in the farm shop.