Tuesday, 9 April 2013

OMG twice in one day doing my blog is either all or nothing LOL

Here are a few more layouts that i have done to teach at my crop

Well where has the months gone !!!
I have been so busy with holidays and my daughter moving out into her new apartment with her boyfriend then having to sort out the spare room so i can have my very own craft room.
So i have been painting and wallpapering the spare room ready for my craft stuff to go in then my husband made me a craft table which is 6 foot x 4 foot and then i had to move all my craft stuff in and all them things i put in a safe place that was very safe and i could not find well i have found them now.
then the next thing on the list was to decotate my bedroom so that is all done and sorted now just need to wait for my new bed and make a new throw for it and it will be back to a bedroom not a dumping ground !!!

I have been doing a few layouts to teach at my crop along with a mini book
here are a few layouts i have done over the passed couple of weeks.