Thursday, 26 June 2008


At the moment i am very excited sorting things out ready for my holiday on the 5th July,i will be going with my friend her daughter and her daughter's b/friend we will have a fab time and i will be taking lots of photo's to scrap when i get back.
So at the moment i am busy getting things sorted for the family that i am leaving behind and buying stuff for me to go.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Sorry i am not very good with keeping my blog upto date, then when i do remember i have so much to put in here i have not got enought time to do it but life is here to test us big time.
In two weeks time i am going on holidays with my friend penny. k. her DD and BF we will have a fab time like we allways do, i am so looking forward to some me time.

My DD has passed her first year exams at uni so we are all very pleased she has done so well trying to do her best.
She is going on holidays soon first we have booked for her to go to disney land paris for her 21st birthday with her uni mate's that will be on the 5th august,then on 1st of september she is going to cuba with her best friend.
i am not looking forward to that one cause it is so far away, i will be worried about her from the time she has left till the time she comes back home, well thats what mum's do. LOL



These are the dad books and cards i did for a class on saturday 14th at my crop, there was quite a few people doing the class and i realy injoyed teaching it.