Thursday, 17 May 2012


Here i am again with a few more layouts this first layout is a sketch put up by one of our team on uks and this is my take on it thanks uma !!!

 This layout had a lot of cutting as you can see but i do like cutting things out !!! the photo is of my DH and grandson who is over 6 foot tall and still growing i hope he stops soon !!!
 This is another sketch that i have to do as part of a team i am in and there is also a lot of cutting out on this one as well.......The photo is of my DD which is the face of most my layouts!!!
Thanks for taking the time to look !!!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hi everyone OMG it's may already where have the months gone !!! well as you know i am not very good with keeping my blog up to date but i have been very busy the passed few months.
My father-in-law passed away and we have been sorting out everything from the funeral to sorting out his house and i can tell you it has been a drawn out task and we have only just finished sorting it !!!even so we miss him so much as he was a great part of our life's and he will be sadly not much scrapping been done here sorry.......

Anyway here are two layouts that i have done for a Chinese whispers challenge i am in hope you like them. they are both of my DD when she went on holidays in Dubai.