Friday, 30 May 2008

More lovely things

This is my craft room and some of the lovely things i have to play with.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

This is my craftroom.


This is my friend's little boy jake , my husband was busy washing the car and he decided that he wanted to take over and have a go , so out came my camera and click,click,click how cute his he.
I think i will do a canvass of these photo's and give it to my friend.


First i would like to say i am not very good at keeping this blog upto date,i have lots of lo's to put up but at the mo i have been very busy, plus i have lost my mojo don,t know where it has gone but it better come back soon.
I am going to yoga today so maybe that will do it lol, then tomorrow i will be going to a crop and i hope i get a few lo's done there.
Last week we decided to buy a new shed, that was fun putting that together not,but with all the rain we have had it has been leaking so we have been back to the shop to buy some felt to put around the sides so it is not going to leak now hopefully fingers crossed.
My DD has found herself a job in the park hotel in cardiff, she is in university at the mo doing her exams but she will be home soon for the summer break peace over, she is 21 soon so she is going to cuba in sep/oct for her birthday that's why she has got herself a job to get some spending money, we are sending her to disneyland in paris for her birthday just for a couple of days.
My best friend and i will be going on our holidays soon to spain on 5th july i cannot wait.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

This is dougal willing to give anyone a wash for free.

This is my DD dressed up as a sailer, she is in swansea uni in her first year and will be coming home soon for the summer break.

As i have taken over her bedroom as my craft room i have to make space for when she come's home .

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


This is a 8x8 canvass that i did for my friend and her partner with there granddaughter.
It now has a special place in here house.

This mini book i did for a class at my crop about 13 people did this class and they realy injoyed doing it, it is a bit fiddley in places because there is a lot of folding and you only use a bit of DS tape to stick down the ribbon and flowers.
Some of the class i taught have gone away and made more books and give them as gifts.

This is a challange i did on uks, the photo is of my nephew getting married on his 21st birthday we all travelled to ireland and had a great time, he is out in irac at the moment and we miss him so much.


Thursday, 1 May 2008


This is my dog he is called dougal just for the record he is a mental case.
when we take him out he attacks dogs,cats,cars,birds and he is very protective so no one can come near me or my husband.
In the house he is a different dog he is friendly and he will give you a wash any time you like.
This is a photo of me last year on a day trip to tenby with my mate penny we had great fun taking photo's shopping and on the beach and then going for a nice cupper in a lovely little cafe
This is a photo of my DH he is my best friend as well, he is always there for me when i need him and he will do anything for me if i asked, sometimes he can be a bit protective but he look's after me.